Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Wheelin'

If you offered my kids green eggs and ham on a bike, they would take you up on it. Well, that's just speculation. Based purely on the idea that every time we go anywhere on foot they both beg to go by bike. This is a nightmare. First there's the search for the helmets. Then they coast down our driveway, pedal about a block and decide it's too hard. So I am then forced to pull, push, or drag them the rest of the way. In the case of Mason's trike, I just stand on the back and push it scooter style (I wonder what my neighbors think). It's only gets tricky when I'm pushing Mason's trike and pulling Cooper's bike, too. I'm good people, really good. A little crazy, but good.


Glenda said...

I am remembering doing this at your house last December. Cooper insisted on riding his bike to the park and I put Mason in the wagon...needless to say, about 500 yards into the excursion he was way too tired, so I was pushing and pulling them all. Going back up the hill was especially difficult, so I put the bike and both kids in the wagon and lugged it all home. I bet your neighbors thought, "Oh, look at the poor grandma, I wonder if she will make it!"

laurel said...

I like how the tricks have already started.