Wednesday, March 25, 2009


You may have noticed in the past few posts that Mason has a new mark on his face. It's a result of a playdate gone wrong. But what I find amusing about the situation is that I catch him looking at himself in the mirror every day. And every day he looks at his little owie, then winces, and then says, "Tori did it. That makes me sad." Then he gives a little whine and pouts his lip as he slumps away from the mirror. Awwww, my little scarface.


Angenette said...

That second foto looks like a pirate pose.

Glenda said...

Yea! Scarface the Pirate!
It is awfully close to his eye and that makes me nervous.

Adamo said...

Mason, chics dig scars. While in college, I convinced 3 separate girls that the scar on my chin (from a four-wheeling accident) came as the result of trying to steal back a spanish artifact from a tomb looter while camping as a boy scout. I said the looter chased me onto a circus train where I attempted to whip a lion to keep him at distance ... and as a result cut my chin. All three believed the first time. And one believed on two separate occasions.

laurel said...

Boys will be boys. It is probably the first of many.