Thursday, March 19, 2009

Conclusion: If You Ignore It...

Today I realized -- at about noon -- that I wasn't paying attention to if Cooper was eating, nor what he was eating. I decided, I like it better that way. I've also learned that if you look for something, you find it.

So here's Day 6, not so much because I think it matters, but because when I say I'm going to do something, I try to.


8 a.m.
An entire 6 oz. yogurt. AND raisin bran cereal without milk. Major.

Starts to complain that his stomach hurts. Even says he needs to use the facilities, but not successful.

A Lunchable. The entire thing. All of it.

Swim lesson. Is well enough to participate and doesn't complain to his teacher of anything. (Also, gets a ribbon for marked improvements and trying hard.)

12:30 p.m.
Chick-fil-A for lunch, against my better judgement. He eats a disappointing 2 nuggets and a little chocolate milk.

Complains of stomach pain. Doubles over and claims I need to hurry and get him home. (We're in the car on the way to the park.)

Enjoys the park and runs, and runs, and runs with his friends. Doesn't complain of anything but being a little hot and thirsty.

Eats a mozarella string cheese stick (thanks to another mom who was far more prepared for the park than I was). Even eats a few pretzels.

Cries the entire ride home because dad can't take him to Red Robin. I think he's mostly hot and tired and just mildly disappointed about Red Robin.

Eats a fair amount of left-over pasta, a piece of cheese, and 3 large strawberries.

Finds a stack of Pizzelles in the freezer and eats nearly all of them. I'm pretty sure that whatever the food strike was about is gone.

In watching what Cooper eats, I've realized a truth that I've known for quite some time. I eat horribly. I eat sugar all day long. I eat candy for breakfast -- I'm not kidding. I think pizza is healthy (compared to the alternative). And I've acquired a soda addiction. Gross. Time for a diet.


laurel said...

Hey, at least you are happy. Sometimes healthy eating isn't as much fun!

T.Tonn said...

Yogurt always gives me a stomach ache, blah! I can't eats more then 2 bites.

Have you tried swapping out some dairy products with organic soy products? I'm a big fan of vegan soy dairy substitues. They have come a looooong way. They bake well, too. Mmm, have you ever tried a tofu scramble? Looks like scrambled eggs, little fat, super high protein, filling, lo-cal, and stores in the fridge for days! That's if it lasts that long ;)

The Martell Family said...

Jack is a HUGE soccer player here, and we are enrolling him in a soccer program over the summer in Lone Tree. Perhaps he and Cooper could do that together, or play soccer at the park? We are counting the days until we return on April 1st and will be calling you for play dates. Soccer is called football in Dubai, which has been very hard for us to get used to! XO, we miss you!