Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food Strike Over, I Think

Net new: Cooper is eating a little bit. But he's feeling just as bad, if not worse.


7:30 a.m.
Dad fixes Cooper a huge egg sandwich, which he eats entirely! This is the most he's eaten in days. Note that it was dad's suggestion, dad fixed it, and dad ate with him.

Mason eats the same thing.

Cooper says he's hungry. I'm so taken by surprise, I don't even know what to make. He eats 4 large strawberries. But while Mason is sitting at the counter eating peacefully, Cooper crawls down from his perch and takes up residence on the step in the other room to eat. He's by himself, but eating fine. Am I just looking for something?

1:50 p.m.
Cooper actually says he is "really, really" hungry. Has the food strike ended? Has he had a stomach bug? And now it's over? Asks for cheerios mixed with wheat Chex and I comply. He eats about 1 cup. Major. He's actually sitting at the counter with his brother. Asks for a popsicle, but doesn't finish it. Starts gagging and making a scene. I don't know why.

After crying off and on for an hour he asks for a snack and eats just 5 Ritz crackers. I say just, but really that's genuine improvement and I'd be happy with that if he'd just stop crying. He resumes his crying vigil until I ask him to try taking a nap.

He's out like a light. Completely zonked. Did I mention he's still wearing his costume du jour -- a spider outfit. Stays asleep for 2 hours, when his father comes home from work and wakes him up.

Eats Macaroni and Cheese with the babysitter. She does not report any weird behavior or complaints.

Cooper can't get to sleep and at 11:15 gets out of bed to report he has a stomach ache. I go to his room to sit with him and listen to his complaints without jumping to conclusions. He asks to go to the bathroom about every 10-15 minutes. But doesn't actually pass anything.

1 a.m.
Cooper whimpers and asks for crackers. I go to the kitchen to fetch this after-midnight snack, when I get back he is asleep. Finally.