Sunday, March 8, 2009

Small Gestures

We all found these sweet cups of purple. From little Mason to old man Dad. They were growing, all by their lonesome selves, under a tree that I swear to you has never seen color beneath it. It's a huge Ponderosa pine nestled between the house and the fence on the north side, and frankly the sun does not shine there. So it was with great surprise that I found these two beauties this afternoon. In time Cooper wandered by, and then Mason, all finding them and pointing them out. Mason literally uttered, "Look! Teeny-tiny."

It is the only spot of color in the yard this time of year. And it is the first -- and perhaps the last time -- we will find color under this huge and shadowing tree. After living in this home for nearly a decade, we are grateful for them. We are drawn to beauty. We can't help ourselves.

In them we found Spring.

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laurel said...

I love the first flowers of Spring! Thanks for sharing yours, for we have none.