Saturday, March 15, 2008

Grow Lovely

I'm not the first to exalt the youthful benefits of fresh air. But as we approach the beginning of the warmer months I'm practically salivating for more time in the sun, breathing air that seems untouched and makes my skin prickle with happiness.

I'm finding that in our eagerness to feel the warmth we feel it when it isn't quite there. We rush to the park in light jackets -- or none at all -- when weather this cool would drive us inside if it were September rather than March.

The crisp currents of wind, full of green trying to burst through brown, revive our spirits and energize us to roll in the remains of winter's turf that hasn't quite donned it's newborn verdure. We ignore the roughness of the change and seize upon little buds, measly stalks, and wimpy blades -- seeing them instead as prosperous gardens, flowering vegetation and prolific fields of wonder.

Like the beginning of a love affair, Spring, makes us blind to all that we were painfully aware of just a few degrees ago. So, rather than fall in love, fall in Spring with everything and everyone around you.

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