Saturday, March 29, 2008

Every Boy Loves a Birthday

Remember Bone Head Moment No. 423? Well, today we made up for it by taking the boys to the right birthday party, on the right day, at the right time. Getting ready to be a well-behaved birthday goer takes a lot of preparation.

First, [actually the REAL first is making sure your mother gets you to the party at the right time and on the right day] but seriously, first we checked out a book by Mo Willems called, "I am Invited to a Party!" This was a great jumping off point for a delicate but certainly detailed discussion of all things party manners. Including such topics as what to do with the boogers you pick when you are at the party, and who to tell if you need to go potty and you are not at home. Then it was bathtime. Had to make sure everyone was squeaky clean [nevermind that we got plenty dirty at the park before going to the party].

Of course there's the pre-party sugar-load. (note enormous block of candy in mouth) Then a trip to the park to wear off the pre-party sugar-load and the pre-party cleanliness. And who can forget the whole getting sassy and wearing matching outfits (so as to trick people into theinking you are well-behaved as you are cute) segment of the afternoon?

All this work, all this effort, all the excitement, just to stand at the front door and beg to go home.

Sometimes it's harder being a kid than you think.

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