Monday, March 31, 2008

Date Night

I know what you're thinking. "Oh Please! We don't want to hear about your sultry night of interesting conversation, footsie under the table, and mad dash home for more hot stuff."

Don't worry, there is none of that when the headline is Date Night. Not around here anyway. But I will say this, the Hub and I have been on so many date nights lately. Well, way more than ever before... maybe since we got married, in fact.

Why? You may ask -- but I very seriously doubt it because if you're reading this blog you are either a) my mother or b) my mother's sister or there is even the slight possibility that you are c) one of my four charming brothers. Any way you slice it, you're SO not interested in my affections for my significant other. So.... on with it, right?

I've taken a new approach to securing a babysitter. I used to plan something that I wanted to do then scramble for like a month to convince some tween to babysit our two perfect -- never get kicked out of daycare -- children. Needless to say, we had a lot of canceled plans and absolutely zero date nights.

New approach: I call my list. (That's about 10 babysitters who live around these parts.) I leave a message -- because you know, no one picks up their phones anymore -- and mention that we might like to go out sometime soon if they are available sometime soon.

Then I get phone calls and text messages (oh this is a topic I will rant about later) from girls on the list offering up the days that they are willing to babysit. It's never when I would have actually wanted to go out, like on the night of a basketball game or football game, but whatever.

The downside is -- as I alluded to in my last sentence (are you paying attention) -- we go out on random days and in fits and starts. We'll have like 5 nights of date nights in a row and then like 50 nights of no dates at all. Feast or famine around here. It's a dream.

Why am I explaining this whole thing anyway? Oh yeah, date night. Unlike the come-hither moments you are probably imagining, our date nights always end with our kids eating a dessert from the restaurant. (Because of course I order dessert!) And here is cute cupcake wearing Midnight Milan Cake from Maggiano's. For my own self let me say that I found it to be fantastic. It was creamy layers of cinnamon flavored mascarpone and dense chocolate cake. I'm pretty sure all Mason had to say was, "More!"

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