Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dear Mason,

Mason you are growing so much! I can hardly believe you are 18 months old. You're already 32 1/4 inches long (50%). You weigh 23 1/2 pounds (25%). It's a wonder you can hold up your head! Like big brother, you've got a noggin, 50.3 cm (97%).

During our well-check visit with Dr. Susan Tiegs we had a long discussion with her about what to do with you and your temper! It seems she thinks you're playing us like a fiddle!

I explained to her that you scream from the moment you get in the bath to the moment we wrap you in a towel. I practically accused you of willfully refusing to go to bed for anyone but momma! But it's true little man. When I put you down at night I can say something as simple as, "Are you tired?" You'll start squinting your eyes and walking to your crib. You don't fuss when I pick you up and put you in. But if dad or babysitter try this -- or any other routine -- you sream, and scream, and scream. What a booger.

And lest I forget how much I've been bellyaching about my recent run-in with the gym daycare over you.... let me just say that you've been uninvited back. You've been crying so much at the gym daycare/playroom that they've complained. How can I take you back!?!??!

Sometimes you get so grumbly with others that you object to me leaving the room. You scream when the lights are too low or it's dark. You wail if we try to feed you (because you want to do it yourself). And your opposition to mashed potatoes is simply astounding. Far be if from me to refute the origins of this temper. I'm pretty sure you got an ample dose from both me and your father. But could you give us a break, please?

Now, let's see. Other than that, you're a super cute kid and such a snugglebunny. We love you dearly and both your father and I sit and giggle at the end of the day over the funny things you do and say. Your sweet brother loves showing you how to do things and is getting better about sharing all his toys with you. It's fun to see your relationship flourish.

The Net New About You at 18 Months:
1. You have a strange sense of fear. One minute you are so cautious you will stand at the top of 3 steps and cry for someone to lift you down. The next minute you are scaling the aluminum bar stools in our kitchen. That's right, I found you on top of the counter!

2. Batman is not only one of your favorite toys, it was one of your first words. You now "battle" with your superhero guys and bang them together while making fighting noises and gun sounds.

3. When you run you waggle your left arm back and forth very vigorously. The faster you run, the more it waggles.

4. While I would classify you as a good eater, there are things that you absolutely will not touch. Not a fan of mashed potatoes! But you will snarf edamame, broccoli, and water chestnuts like a vacuum. I also accidentally discovered that you hate Salsa Verde Doritos [very spicy]. You eat more food (and more types of food) and drink more milk than your brother.

5. Shhhhsss is what you say when you want us to put your shoes on. You know you get to go outside when your shoes are on. (You don't love your birkenstock sandals and you hate flip-flops.) Once your shoes are on you charge for the door. Once in the garage you walk right over to your side of the truck and wait for us to lift you in. You love going places.

6. Your favorite books are: "Tails" and "Batman's Book of Crooks." When we go to the library you make a beeline for the superhero section. Once you've made your selections you march up to self-checkout kiosks and climb up on the step stool and start checking out your books. It's amazing. (Besides the superhero books, you also cherish the Elmo DVD shelf.) You've fallen for all the usual TV characters... Elmo, Buzz Lightyear, Handy Manny, Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins.

7. Some of the words you say, that we understand, are...
Mom, Dad, Batman, More, Down, Up, On, Shoes, Candy, Cookie, Cars, Cracker, Elmo, Fish, Poo Poo (you use this interchangeably for bum, diaper, private parts, and actual poo), Annie (from Little Einsteins), Mickey [Mouse}, Monkey (for Curious George) and Ruff Ruff [dog].

8. You can point out the following body parts...
Head, Knees, Toes, Belly button, Eyes (by closing), Ears, Nose (by sniffing), Mouth, Teeth (by baring), Tongue (by sticking it out), Arm, Hand, and Bum.

9. One of your great delights is standing on a footstool or the first step of our stairs and jumping off. You also like jumping from tile to tile if the tiles are different colors -- like in a grocery store, bank or hospital.

10. My little artist! You dig around in drawers looking for pens, crayons, even make up so that you can draw. You're pretty good and we dote on you when you bring us your masterpieces. You are constddantly scribbling on something. I'm worried you'll get to the walls before we know it!

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