Sunday, April 6, 2008

Milepost 1: A Birthday for Vaughn

We're celebrating the occasion of one of our baby friends becoming 1! This is such a huge moment for parents. I realize all the hoopla is focused on the baby and his discovery of toddlerhood; but the real event is happening in the parents' hearts.

I can't help myself in thinking how this little one came into the world. It was similar to Mason, a little early and a little touch-and-go. He was even smaller than Mason, so seeing him today celebrate his first 365 days of boyhood was amazing. Instantly I thought of Mason's 1st birthday. And then Cooper's 1st. And then, with a little melancholy all the moments in between.

Over the past few years there's been lots of diapers, middle of the night crying, first words, first steps, messes, precious kisses, stinky farts, sticky hugs, haircuts, doctor visits, stress, cups of coffee [for mom, not baby], the last times they nursed, the last bottles they drank, giggles, learning landmarks ... a period of marked and radical, radical changes. It is gradual and sneaks up on us, however, for some reason at 1 there is a turning point if not for the child, certainly for the mothers and fathers.

So, what do we do when such a breakthrough moment takes place? We eat cake [and pizza, and pop, and ice cream], wear silly balloon hats, and sing WAY off key!

Thanks for a fabulous day.

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