Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's My Birthday

6-ish a.m.
Wake up and roll over fully expecting to say something like, "Seriously, It's my birthday. Can't we sleep in." Only to find that my oldest son has decided to sneak in bed with us.

7:30 ish
The little one starts crying, ready for someone to come and get him out of his crib. He's happy to have mommy pick him up and take him down to mommy and daddy's bed. The whole family watches cartoons.

OK. We all need to stop living in denial. Time to wake up and get to the gym

Mom is about to blow her top. Get in the freaking car and let's go to the gym, already!

Gym time. Mom tries a new class, Zumba. It's some Latin dancing thing and I've never felt older!

Errands and lunch at Costco. Birthday lunch consists of pizza, hot dog, and churros.

12:30 p.m.
Baby sacks out in the car. Rush home to pour him into the crib. Coop play video games. And I try to do nothing. But accidentally clean the house in anticipation for date night. Also plant a Madam Julia Clematis in honor of my birthday. Hope it actually grows.

Nap time is over. Now it's time for snacks.

Shower while kids run around the house eating KIX and watching Spiderman.

Coop cries because he realizes he's not invited to the birthday dinner.

Babysitter arrives. Yeah. Let's get out of here and have a date. Next stop Melting Pot.

Home already?!??! I guess we're just conditioned to come home early on school nights.

PS -- Thanks to everyone who sent me an e-mail, a shout-out on their blog, called me, or sent me card/letter for my birthday. I really appreciated all the efforts.

PHOTO NOTES: Random pictures of the boys playing and enjoying my family birthday dinner (yesterday).

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