Sunday, April 20, 2008


If you call our house both of my boys will go running for the phone. Then as I talk on the phone they jump like fleas around me trying to figure out who it is, and if the person wants to talk to them. The problem I'm having with Mason right now is that when he's permitted to try to talk to someone on the phone he just listens. He won't say anything. Or if he does say something he whispers. But he really does like talking on the phone and pretends he's talking on the phone with anything and every thing from the T.V. remote to well, the picture says it all.

PS -- I have to agree with a majority of the votes. Coop looks a lot like Adam. In some ways they even act alike. But, I have to say he's also a lot like two of his cousins -- Elsa and June. I realize I didn't put those options up, but when I see pictures of those two as babies/toddlers I see Cooper all over the place.

PS -- Also, I think something is wrong with Cooper. His cheeks are bright, bright red.

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