Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last Hurrah!

We've received some dispiriting news. One of Coop's first and best friends is moving to London. Explaining this to Coop has been difficult and he is quite blue. The whole affair has me thinking about what it's like to move. As a child I moved a lot. But I was generally the one who moved away, not the one that stayed behind. Now I've come to realize that it's hard to be the one left behind, as well.

To help both Coop and his friend feel a little better the moms planned a day at Chuck E. Cheese -- the universal beacon of lightheartedness. We ate really bad pizza, planned the moving family's new blog, and let the kids go wild. Enjoy my pictures from the day and please note Coop wearing his sunglasses throughout the adventure.

PS -- As much as I disliked moving as a child, I recently had the opportunity to express all the places I'd lived as a "qualification" for a job. I had lived in many of the states in Qwest's 14-state region (and a few outside of it, as well).


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laurel said...

I will never forget when my best friend moved. Its rough. Love Mas and Barney. Maybe Coop is wearing shades to hide the tears.

kirkzanne said...

I feel for you Coop. My three best buds are moving in June and it is truly a bummer. BUT I see an upside to this move - you can come and see your Auntie and your BF with just one plane ride!