Thursday, April 10, 2008

Phew! He Forgot About Yesterday

It snowed here. Before I get caught up in complaining about it, let me just get on to the good stuff. As our little family was trying to get itself from the car, through the snowy parking lot, and into the gym this morning we were confronted with sideways snow. Man, if there is any weather I really hate, it's sideways snow. Gets all in your ear and whatnot.

So, cold, wet, and breathless we blew through the doors of the lobby, stomped our feet, and then Cooper said (in a very loud voice), "Grrrr, This is the WORST day, ever!" And I was like, "Hallelujah, he forgot that I almost chopped his ear off yesterday." Go ahead, say it. I have a weird way of thinking and thus absolving myself from guilt.

It wasn't my fault, exactly (here I go with the absolving business). He has REALLY thick hair. The clippers were really choking on it. And his little ear got caught up in it. Please note, when you view the pictures, there is blood on the wall. Yep... it shot at the wall. Now our really beautiful fake grass-weave wallpaper is forever ruined. Drat. I so love that fake grass-weave.

PS -- Enjoy these pictures as long as they're up. Because as soon as Daddy sees picture of underoos on the blog he'll probably make me take 'em down.

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