Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Me Shops for a Workout

For an old lady with two kids I think I can still run pretty fast, jump pretty high/far, go the distance. But I still don't like what I look like in shorts and/or swimsuits. So, the new me is looking for some workout routines.

I started out in boot camp. My local gym doesn't really have a good boot camp. So, I tried the new class that everyone is talking about -- ZUMBA. Now, I've been hearing about Zumba from some of my friends who workout downtown in the fancy gyms. It's been growing in popularity for about a year and I'm just finally getting to it -- ahh, life in the burbs.

If you don't know what Zumba is, go to youtube and do a search. If you know me well, or if you have ever seen me on the dance floor, seeing the routines alone will crack. you. up! But, I went because after all the new me is about trying things I don't want to try.

A few of my thoughts on the class...

1. I got sweaty, so it's a good workout.
2. I have never felt so white in my life.
3. Judging from the ladies in the room, we Midwesterners aren't too comfortable with our sexuality.
4. If you threw in a pole... well, you get the idea.
5. I'll probably keep going 2 times a week.

The secret to the class is to stand somewhere where your own image is not visible in the mirror. Then you can't see your uncoordinated, lacking-all-rhythm self. You just watch the hot instructor who has "permanent" boobs and cut abs (replete with a 1-carat diamond stud in her bellybutton). Pretty soon you think you look like she does. Just don't look at a mirror on the way out.


laurel said...

I remember takingan aerobics class at the Y. Steve Young the pro football player (he wasn't pro at the time was in my class). All the girls in my class seemed "hot". Of course I wasn't in that batch. I found my self on tha back row, fathest away from Mr. Young. ALso, I was far enough away I couldn't see myslef int he mirror. Always wore sweats. In our family we have fat knees. Julia...if I even looked like 1/2 of you, I would be on the front row in a a non-sweat outfit. Babe, you got it! Show them your stuff.

Elle said...

Oooooo! When I read your post, it sounded like the kind of workout I would like but then when I saw the video, I knew that it wasn't. Looks like there is a lot of latin flavor to it, and I saw a little bit of tae bo and belly dancing? I am soooo not a latin dancer but man it looks like a lot of fun! I had never heard of this Zumba before. Kudos to you doing it!

lynnie said...

I think I will put Frank in the class.... so that he can teach it to me in the privacy of our own KITCHEN!!! hee hee

kirkzanne said...

I think it looks great but I got the giggles just thinking about me and zumba getting together. I'm going to suggest this to 3 of my fav girls - meg, tay and andrea!

Claudia said...

Is it a requirement to wear sexy workout clothing while doing zumba? That automatically leaves me out.