Friday, April 18, 2008

A Wonderful Time

When we showed up at the zoo today we were shocked by the crowds. Cra-zy busy. Had to park in a nearby park and walk quite a ways to the entrance.

Within minutes of arriving I could tell the boys were dressed too warm. They were sweating and went into instant crank mode. Our picnic lunch wasn't very popular. According to Coop I brought all the wrong snacks and neither one of them touched their sandwiches.

The line to the favorite attractions -- the train and carousel -- were far to long to wait it out. This started a whole rebellion that ended with a bribe for ice cream. Our ice cream was melty and made a colossal mess, at which time I realized I left the wet wipes in the car.

In the snake house everyone enjoyed the fish, turtles, snakes, and bats. But I was so freaking hot I was sweating like a pig. I'm telling you if they made antiperspirant for faces I would use it. If I even think about getting hot my face sweats. Yuck-O!

But despite all these setbacks, one of our little friends described the day best, "A wonderful time." [Or something like that. I might be paraphrasing because it was hot and I was having a hard time concentrating.]

ps -- J and B, Cooper told me his favorite part of the day was playing "bad guys in the cave!" Thanks for a great, great day.

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