Friday, April 25, 2008

New Me

My name is Hooli. I don't wake up early. I don't go to the gym. I use excuses like, "My husband travels too much." and, "I have two little boys." as a crutch/excuse to getting out of going new places and meeting new people. But it is a new day, a new me.

At 5:25 a.m. I woke up uttered, "I hope I live to regret this." and trudged to the gym. As hubby is home today I thought I would take advantage and slip out of the house without my kids for an hour at the gym. For some reason I wanted to try Boot Camp class.

I arrived knowing no one and not knowing what to expect. But it doesn't really matter, because the new me tries things. Right? Puh-leez. I don't. I shouldn't have, anyway. The class was so easy. I could have done the workout in 4-inch heel leather boots. Perhaps that's why it's called Boot Camp.

But a little more about the new me. I've decided I'm done with feeling lonely and over-worked when hubby needs to travel. There's no need for it. This past week I did more on my own and with my kids than ever before.

One night the kids and I accepted an invitation to dinner at a neighbors. They have two girls the same ages as my two boys. We fixed dinner and chatted while the kids ran wild in the basement. When we went down to check on the kids we found Coop in a dress!

Perhaps this isn't the start of the new me, but the new him?!!?!?!? One thing I did notice, he picked the nicest get-up in the most masculine colors. (He would only go so far -- no pink, no crown, no princess shoes.). And after a few times down the slide he realized that a skirt can be a cumbersome thing. He ripped it off and would have no more.


kirkzanne said...

I kind of feel the same way about skirts!

Glenda said...

While I find this totally acceptable 3 year old behavior, I hope his uncles don't get hold of this....they are sort of freaky about this kind of thing. Must be an Idaho manliness issue!

lynnie said...

What is this about the new you? I think you do more with your kiddies than anyone I know, even road trips! Good luck with the new you! I like your blog name.

Elle said...

Oh Cooper is adorable in that dress. I'm not kidding! He and Vaughn should get together and play dress-up sometime :) HA HA HA!!!