Sunday, April 27, 2008

Don't Mess With Breakfast

There are few things my boys -- all three of them -- like more than breakfast. A usual Sunday (today was NOT a usual Sunday) includes a morning trip to the Egg & I for some breakfast. The boys are very well-behaved at this restaurant and because we go so often all the waitresses know them. It's fun to go to a place where you are a regular. It's a bit like, "coming home."

My boys are such experts at breakfast that they patiently wait to order (coloring all the while). Then when the waitress shows up Cooper announces, "I'll have the Waffle Express!" Usually the same is ordered for Mason. When it arrives they heartily dig in. The Express includes a 2 small-ish waffles, 2 scrambled eggs, 2 links of sausage, and an enormous dollop of butter.

My boys push the butter aside -- because as Cooper once told us it is NOT ice cream -- and dig in. Coop always finishes his waffles and makes a significant dent in everything else. Mas always finishes his eggs (and any Coop leaves behind) and usually finishes everything else, as well.


laurel said...

I love breakfast food. TO bad we don't get it around here except for dinner. Man, sounds like Mason is going to be a big eater! They are cute as always.

Claudia said...

cooper says the funniest things. Although my sister, Erin, would disagree about the butter. It is her condiment of choice. If she can douse something in butter, she will. So to her, it's as good as ice cream.

Glenda said...

I love that they love breakfast food. Adam was a very picky eater as a child, but would always eat all kinds of breakfast foods...he loved it all, well, except oatmeal. Anyway, funny that MSN eats more than CPR.

lynnie said...

Thanks for the blog....your boy's always give me a laugh!!! I think it is time for a video on the blog so that we can hear their voices???