Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fire Up the Fondue

As Steve and I prepared to go out for my birthday dinner little Cooper stuck his lip out and started crying because he, "wasn't invited." It broke my heart because I realized he thought we were going to have balloon animals, birthday cake, party favors, duck-duck-goose...

Much to my delight, none of that was on the agenda. We went to Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. I love to go there once a year. We usually go all out, spend way too much and indulge on everything. Because I was feeling a bit guilty about leaving the kiddies behind I made a point to bring home a little dessert.

The boys were already asleep when we got home so I tucked the left-overs into the fridge and forgot about them. Then when it started snowing this afternoon and I realized we'd be staying in I remembered the dessert. Following dinner I fired up my own little fondue pot and pulled out the left-overs.

Fire is always a big hit with boys. But look at these pictures! They loved it. I was more worried about them wielding tiny forks than playing with open flame. But the evening went without incident.

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