Monday, April 14, 2008

Have Fun: Check

Weekend To-Do List:
· Paint the front door where you took off the old doorknob and put on a newer, fancier, smaller door knob (leaving big chunk of original dusty blue paint). CHECK

· Touch-up all the places you messed up the kitchen paint 4 years ago. CHECK

· While the ladder is out, dust all the high and out-of-reach arches, fans, and shelves. CHECK.

· Finish screwing down the wonderboard (tile subfloor) in bathroom. CHECK.

· Spread pre-emergent fertilizer on front and back lawn. CHECK.

· Trim back the hideous spirea bushes in the front yard (These will be raspberries next year.). CHECK.

· Organize food storage shelves. CHECK.

· See if safety goggles make cracks in the sidewalk look bigger. CHECK.

· Find and hide every crayon, pen, marker, pencil, and anything else that can be used to write i.e., makeup. CHECK.

· Ride bikes around the block. CHECK.

· Meet the local lady cops. CHECK.

· Three loads of laundry. CHECK.

· Buy, iron, and hang new drape panels in kitchen. CHECK.

· Watch the Masters (you know who did this). CHECK.

· Cook birthday dinner for mommy. CHECK.

· Lock self in basement and sew non-stop for 5 hours. CHECK.

· Go to a birthday party. Uh-oh.

We were having so much fun getting our to-do list done that we completely forgot to go to a toddler birthday party! Oh well, got to celebrate my own birthday (a couple days early) with my three favorite guys.

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