Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just More, Day 4

Net New: Coop is officially "irregular" and has a new symptom.


8 a.m.
Dad suggests oatmeal and raisins to the boys.

Cooper eats 1/2 of a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. This sounds like a lot of food, but it's not really. Mason ate a whole one, and Coop's been known to eat one and then still complain of hunger. But, he's eating, I won't complain.

2:30 p.m.
While at the park I offer the kids some small mint-chocolate cookies (The ones that come in the 100 calories packs.) and a juice box. Coop drinks most of his juice box, but only a couple of his cookies. He's in good spirits and playing well.

Cooper runs to me telling me his needs to go poop. Then I notice he's already had an accident in his pants. In his defense, it was not poop so much as water. He sits on the toilet to no avail. Might be dehydrated. Not sure.

Offer him pizza, he declines. Starts to get weepy and whiny.

Cooper starts to whine and cry so incessantly we wonder if he is ready to go to bed for the night.

Cooper asks for more strawberries. Eats just a couple.

Cooper eats Macaroni and Cheese.

Dad treats him to ice cream with chopped up cookies.

No complaints of stomach aches. Doesn't go to the bathroom. But sleeps through the night.


laurel said...

Hang in there mom. You will figure this out.

Claudia said...

Poor little man. Hope all this food diary-ing leads to a diagnosis!

kirkzanne said...

Is he losing weight?