Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sushi? Noshi!

It's Spring Break in these parts. That's not to say that there are thousands of young people mulling around -- scantily clad and clumsily drunk. Mostly it means that folks around here have escaped to warmer climes to enjoy spring in summer-like conditions. But our humble family has stayed home. Firmly rooted in the familiar scenery of our surroundings we've set out to enjoy a vacation via food. On one adventurous afternoon I decided to introduce my kids to Japan through their stomachs. Nothing dangerous, just a few fully-cooked California rolls. They hated it. So glad I didn't spring thousands on airfare to Japan for a holiday.


laurel said...

They are boys after my own heart...I don't like them either. Okay I have never tired them, but I don't think I would like them.

The Martell Family said...

We took the family out for Japanese on New Year's Eve in Dubai. If I haven't mentioned it, Jack is a CHOW HOUND! There is nothing the boy won't eat. That night he devoured sushi (and I mean even the stuff I won't eat), miso soup, a salad, teriyaki chicken, and two desserts. Even though I had two glasses of wine, the cost of his meal far surpassed mine. I told my husband I think we spent about $150 on Jack alone at that meal. I shudder to think of what the teenage years bring! XO, Lorie

Angenette said...

Oh, man, my girls love sushi. But they are picky about it. They don't like it when the nori is on the inside and they don't like tempura rolls. Other than that, everything is game on!