Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Black Phase

My children have always shown an intense interest in some of the arts. Coop had his Vivaldi phase, and his air violin phase, and then there was the Ed Emberly phase (actually we're still in that one). Mason has had the humming John Williams symphonies phase (also, still in that one), and now has entered the black phase.

Please note Cooper's version looks like a LEGO, down to the yellow face. And Mason's is, well, black.


laurel said...

Fabulous! What talented boys. Maybe the picture is done in the night?

Closets are closed, flowers are bought! Thanks for the tip.

Connie said...

Andrea colored an Easter bunny black when she was in Kindergarten and the teacher put her in time out!! I don't think she ever got over that teacher . . . and I was a dumb mom with my first kid in school and didn't fight it. Boy if that ever happened again, I was right in the teachers face! (This particular teacher's time out was in a dark closet!!!)