Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Soundtrack

Perhaps I should thank John Towner Williams. If you're a fan, you know he is the composer of my personal soundtrack. Or rather, he wrote some of the most famous film scores in history. More specifically, he wrote the music that my children hum ALL DAY LONG. First Mason started with the Star Wars theme. I suspect he sang a few bars of the score at least 100 times a day since May of last year. I'm not saying that for effect. He literally sings, non-stop, every day. Every day.

This morning I realized that he wasn't singing Star Wars anymore. He now sings the Indiana Jones movie music -- also by John Williams. When I asked Mason what he was singing he said, "Me Jones." This could either mean he thinks that he is Indiana Jones; that he was saying, "I am singing Indiana Jones;" or both.

I'm wondering when he'll move on to some of Williams' other famous scores -- including Superman, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter. At least it can be said that when my children latch onto something, it's a long-term commitment. Further, they have impeccable taste. After all Williams is a five-time winner of the Academy Award (not bad for someone who has been nominated 45 times).


grandma GiGI said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could look at life as a little child? Mason sees magic in everything. I guess because he is a miracle himself.

Glenda said...

How great that Mason wants to have a music running through his head all day, every day! I wish I could kiss that little pink cheek.

laurel said...

Your boys are so smart and incredibley cute! Have you ever seen August Rush? Maybe Mason in like will have a Mozart on your hands.