Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mrs. Who?

I have yet another recommendation. If you've never paid attention to the language acquisition process, you should. At times, it is funny. Of course my particular area of experience is with children learning their first language. But language acquisition for adults learning a second, third, even fifth language is quite amusing.

Today I meant to meet some friends at the park but thanks to a conversation that was a little like a conference call including not only my two boys but my friend's two girls I misunderstood where I was to meet her. When I arrived at the wrong -- though I still thought it was right -- location I was absolutely confused.

Cooper picks up on confusion instantly. It stresses him out. Before we got our new cars, and the luxury of navigation, he was constantly asking me, "Are we lost mommy?" Constantly.

So this afternoon he quite calmly asked, "Mommy, are we having a Mrs. Understooding?"

Oh Honey, YES!

PHOTO NOTE: Coop looking for Santa's spies at the end of this past year.


lynnie said...

You guys are just a laugh a minute! I sooooooo miss the boys' .

Glenda said...

I am laughing out loud....just remember you were the child that said to me when you opened a nearly empty refrigerator---why is the fridge naked?

laurel said...

Kids say the best things!!! He is a hoot. Sending my love. And I got your Christmas present today. LOVE it!!! Thanks.