Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Dark Side

Hygiene is a relaxed concept at our house. Often my children go days without a comb touching the hairs on their heads and it is up to them to scrub the sugar bugs out of their mouths. Be that as it may, after high-temp records fell this week and we found ourselves playing hard in 71-degree weather baths and nail clipping were a necessity. After trimming the fingernails of both boys I announced it was time for toes. To which Cooper replied with a whine, "But I'm not using them for evil."

What evil could a 4-year-old delve into with long toenails. Plenty. If you read this blog you are no stranger to the prehensile capacity of the males who live in my house. Add a knife-sharp, extra-long toenail shaped like a talon and some evil comes to mind.

What do you think when you see people with long nails (particularly men and boys)? Do you suspect an opium user, pterodactyl, maybe even world-record holder. Or do you think something more sinister, what is wrong with the wife and/or mother in that family?


Angenette said...

Nose picker. That's what I think.

laurel said...

That is hysterical. And I agree with Angenette....nose picker can to mind first.

Glenda said...

Do you remember the essay Trent wrote in high school about chewing his toe was hilarious.