Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Soccer

Some of my favorite soccer moments are not on the field but at Red Robin following the game, snarfing snacks (as quickly and as many as they all can), and parents' enthusiasm -- which far exceeds the kids'. Also, please try to notice that the one picture we have a Cooper on the field. He's conducting a symphony -- literally waving his arms and thinking about the score (head down) as play is happening around him.


laurel said...

My internet has been down for about 4, what did we do before internet? Missed you all! Love every word and every picture. It was heaven to me. Love the look on Steve's face! Priceless.

Anita said...

I love that Cooper plays air violin while playing soccer - we need more fun times at Red Robyn - I especially like the fact that we sit all of the kids next to Steve

Claudia said...

I just read your friend's comment--Cooper plays air violin?? Next time I see you guys I'm definately going to have mine in tow so he can play it!!