Monday, October 20, 2008

Bye Jack, We Miss You

The original plan was a move to London. But that was changed to a move to Dubai. The end result is the same... explaining to Cooper why Jack can't come over and play.

At first I think he thought "moving to Dubai" was the same as swimming lessons because he asked if I would sign him up -- explaining to me that Jack's mom had signed him up for Dubai.

While I still don't think he gets it, he's been asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese's with Jack. Or, "Just call Jack. Ask him if he never wants to play again." So sad.

We're anxiously awaiting summer, when Jack's family will be back for a month or so. So... Jack, if you're reading. Every time you see a mini Cooper think of us. And we'll be thinking of you every time we drive by your house, drive by Ann's school, dress up in superheroes costumes, go to Monkey Bizness, or drive by Chuck E. Cheese's. Love to you in Dubai.


laurel said...

That is soooo sad. I hate it when friends move. Even now. I think it throws the kilter off your universe.

Glenda said...

To Jack:
Thanks for being such a great friend to Cooper and for giving him that great Batman costume. I will always love my little Batman Cooper all because of you!

Claudia said...

The "ask him if he never wants to play again" is probably the saddest thing I've heard in a long time. Hope Cooper doesn't get to lonely for his friend!