Thursday, October 2, 2008


The transition to move Mason into a bed without rails has been interesting. The first couple of nights he fell right to sleep, stayed in bed, and didn't give us one iota of trouble. Then he figured out he could get out of the bed.

A typical night goes much like tonight.

Tired Mommy: Mason, would you like a story?
Mas:mmmmmhmmmm (yes)
Tired Mommy: Let's read, Monkey Math.
Mas: NO! George! (this means, don't read Monkey Math, read Curious George and hurry up)
Tired Mommy: Mason, we've read that book so many times. Let's try something new.
Mas: NO! George!
Tired Mommy: OK, son, watch your tone.
Mas: NO! George!
Tired Mommy: Fine. I'll go read to Cooper instead and you can sit in here by yourself.
Mas: Blank Stare

I retreat to Cooper's room and start reading him stories. After 5 minutes or so Mason wanders in, creeps up to the edge of Cooper's bed and starts listening to the story.

Following stories in Cooper's room I tuck in Coop, then march Mason into his room. I lie down on the bed for a bit. Then I get up, turn out his light and leave.

A good 20 minutes later I hear noises. I grab my camera and go running up the stairs. I hear a squeal that someone's little mouth is trying like the devil to stiffle and little feet scurry. It's pitch black but I snap a pic anyway.


Elle said...

He is so wonderfully charming.

laurel said...

He is a smartie pants.

Glenda said...

Funny for Mas...Not so funny for tired mommy.