Friday, October 3, 2008

Mad Gab Mason

You know how vocabulary acquisition moves in spurts? One day your toddler says nothing save a handful of intelligible words, the next it's as if someone replaced his motherboard overnight and he can speak in full sentences. Well, Mason's had an upgrade, that much is clear. But what is not clear is, what he is saying. He is talking a mile a minute and quite enthusiastically. But it's a bit like playing Mad Gab.

If you're unfamiliar with Mad Gab the object is to read aloud a series of unrelated words, names, places. For example, "Pine This Guy." Say it enough times and eventually it will sound like, "Pie in the sky." While I adore this game I've only played it a handful of times because my husband absolutely hates it.

Today Mason repeatedly said something like, "Buzz Needs His Receipt." Then he frantically waved his hands, folded his arms, and patted his head. Following this series of Turret's like motion he jumps up and then falls to all fours. We are stumped. Any ideas?

PHOTO NOTE: Mason wears this costume day and night. He plays and plays and plays until he falls asleep. I pull it down so that he won't overheat while he's napping. Thanks Auntie Suzie.


Kim said...

My twin girls are going through this same phase! I can tell you that NO NANA CANNY is "No banana! I want candy!" but can't help you with the Buzz line : )

laurel said...

So cute! He may grow out of that suit before he takes it off.

Claudia said...

Glad that Mason gets his equivalent of Cooper's Batman costume!