Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Prison Years

I subscribe to the lazy mom's rules of child rearing. I try not to plan too much, devise too much, nor take over too much. I'm hoping that this will encourage my children to figure it out on their own. I thought -- and it turns out wrongfully so -- that this would also help them feel a certain degree of freedom and autonomy.

Cooper's conversation with Daddy (as relayed by said Daddy):

Scene: Coop and Daddy are playing Wii.

Coop: Move that brick, Daddy! (And as Steve unsuccesfully tried and tried he repeated this command more frequently and with more fervor.)

Coop: Nevermind, I'll do it.

Daddy: Coop you must be patient.

Coop: I'm so oppressed.


Glenda said...

This absolutely slayed me!
I can almost hear said lazy mother saying that type of thing in her childhood!

Chance said...

What an extensive vocabulary he has! Wow! Your blog cracks me up and always brightens my day! I love how dedicated you are to hosting!

laurel said...

Great! He is a hoot!

Claudia said...

Where does he learn this stuff? It's great! And as for the picture...Adam gives me the same look with that crazy stare!