Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Who's Got the Eggplant?

I tend to believe people when they choose to tell me things about themselves. Like, "I'm going crazy!" or "I gained so much weight over the holiday." In my opinion, it's just silly not to. So pay attention. I like to procrastinate. I try not to. But I do. I really do. Often and for lengthy -- almost dangerously so -- periods of time.

That, my friends, is how I found myself in a mad dash to find a pumpkin on Oct. 30th at 5 p.m. Oh and let me throw this juicy bit in, I was ON MY WAY to a pumpkin carving party. So, two kids in tow, I'm surfing all the local grocers for three pumpkins. Not an orange spherical squash or gourd to be found. Lots of empty corrals constructed from hay bales, lonely dried corn stalks, but no pumpkins.

Here's another truth about me. Sometimes in an effort to play off my procrastination as "really cool mom that let's you pick anything you want" I opened up the creative decision to Coop. I waved my arm enticingly in the general direction of all the produce and said, "You can pick anything you want. You'll have the most unique Jack-O-Lantern at the party."

Coop's wise (a well known fact about him) and he took about 4.3 seconds to mull over his decision. Then pointed directly at the eggplants and screamed, "I want the purple one!"


Glenda said...

Really, Really cool, Coop!

laurel said...

Very cool! Love the eggplant. We have done zuccini/

Claudia said...

Love it!

grandma GiGI said...

I liked the eggplant the best anyway! good choice Coop!

Elle said...