Monday, October 13, 2008

Mason's Pursuits

Mason has a way of wandering away from us. Actually, sometimes we move along and he lags behind. Not because he's disobedient -- though the thought has crossed my mind -- but because he's exploring. He's a looker -- that is to say he likes to look around and take his time doing it. At our recent trip to the Butterfly Pavilion I found him staring down Nemo and chasing bunnies. Neither activity included Cooper or me. He wanted to pursue these pleasures on his own. I had to watch from a safe distance, so as not to disturb him. (Until of course I noticed that the bunny he was chasing smelled suspiciously like a skunk.)

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Glenda said...

He is just so cute...and has a personality all his own. When he shows this independence and confidence, it is hard for me to remember that once he was a little struggling guy in NICU.