Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well, Actually Sometimes Bigger Is Better

I'm just going to lay this out on the table right now. I would say a good number of the more prevailing points of our discipline system are a direct rip-off from Super Nanny. It is because of her that I really tried to hold out until Mason was 3 to move him out of a crib and into a bed. That plan was foiled when he became a monster-sized child and started thrashing around until we couldn't even sleep for listening to him on the monitor.

So, as I mentioned before, on the eve of his second birthday he started sleeping in a queen-sized bed. The past three weeks have been a time of transition -- which is a backward way to say he gets out a lot and I can't remember the last time he took a nap in the afternoon.

But I am certain he is happier with the size of his pad. Check this out...

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laurel said...

Yeah, I would say THAT is COMFORT! Sorry that he gets out. I really truly hate that part of moving out of a crib. You have my empathy. ALso, take another look at the blog. When you posted it wasn't all the way done. It is complete now! Kisses to all of you.