Friday, October 24, 2008

Kiss My What?

Chores. Chores. Chores.

I've accepted my mediocre standing in the "mother who teaches kids how to help out around the house" category. Cooper rarely has the motivation to brush his own teeth on a daily basis let alone make his bed or pick up his dirty laundry.

So, I bought a chore chart. One of the chores is making the bed. This is ironic because I rarely make my own bed. I'll admit that I subscribe to the "why make it I'm just going to sleep in it, again" method of bed making. But there's something about raising a child to become an adult that begs for you to teach them to make a bed.

Though inexperienced at cracking the whip I have learned something. Making your kids do chores is far more exhausting to the parent than the child. So in many a mindless moment I accidentally take over and do what I've asked Cooper or Mason to do. During a mindless moment I finished (where Cooper had started) making Cooper's bed. He walked into his room and gasped with obvious appreciation at this favor I had extended him (even if by lazy mistake).

So, without thinking I said what I might have said to any of my brothers, "Yeah, so you better kiss my butt." Next thing I know, Cooper kissed my butt. Actually kissed it. We giggled hysterically. So, though I acknowledge that "kiss my butt" is not amongst my shining parenting moments, it lead to a rather awesome one.

PHOTO NOTE: Cooper on the field during the last game of the soccer season.


Claudia said...

You guys are hilarious! As to making the bed...that is actually something I try to do. I once had a roommate whose mother came to visit, and as we weighed the pros and cons to bed making (I having your same conclusion--that there was no point seeing as it would get messed up again anyway) she said that if she got nothing else done all day, at least she made her bed. So I now have that philosophy. I feel like I've accomplished one thing, as long as my bed is made.

Glenda said...

This is one of the funniest things I have ever heard! More power to you for attempting to instigate "chores." How well I can testify, and you must agree, that I didn't have enough energy or time to MAKE you guys do much of alas, I ended up doing way to much myself. It was my greatest parenting fault...Do it differently, please.

laurel said...

That is SO funnt! I wish you had caught that on film. He is such a funny little boy. Obviously he takes every thing very literal. Because of this, I bet there are more funny moments ahead.