Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mr. Bones

In case you haven't heard, my kids are obsessed with the Museum of Nature and Science. Because we are frequent visitors (and members at that) we see our share of traveling exhibits... Body World, Titanic, GOLD, Engineer It!, and now a few Dinosaurs from NYC.

Perhaps because of the special exhibit, or perhaps because the DMNS is cool, they hired Mr. Bones to wander around the museum and greet kids. Mr. Bones is a cross between a character at Disneyland and a dinosaur puppet. He's fashioned these skeletons to fit around his body and then he walks around puppeteering himself to place the dinosaur jaws over people's heads or shake hands with 2-year-olds. (Please note he put that damn thing on my head and I was so mad. I don't like puppet like things.)

Cooper loves him and begins orbiting around him like an electron cloud. Mason hates him, like a train wreck. He screams and runs away when he spots him. Then he'll decide on a hiding place with a viewing vantage point and stare at him. (Photo note: Mason pressed up against the glass railing of the second floor of the museum watching Mr. Bones in the lobby. Mr. Bones notices Mason and takes the escalator up a floor to come talk to him. Can you see Mr. Bones on the escalator?)

At any rate. Fun day that ended with buying a dinosaur toy. Mason was smitten with this thing. He grasped it like this all through the museum, in the parking lot, and all the way home.

PS -- The dinosaur museum in Utah is still better than this.


Rachel said...

Crew is sitting here next to me kissing each picture and saying ahhhhhhhh! He misses Mason!

Glenda said...

Gee, you have such cool things in Denver!