Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scary Stories

Perhaps you haven't noticed, but it's October. But this has not been the October that I thought it would be. Last year Cooper donned the dark knight suit early in the trick or treat season and wore it every day and everywhere. But this year, he didn't decide upon his costume until just a few days ago. It's hanging neatly and nicely in the closet.

Mason has decided on something, as well. But he gets into character if and only if we put his mask on. It's been weird. I'm thinking about encouraging some costume parading -- just because I miss the excitement of last year. Or maybe it's because my kids wear costumes so often this stretch of no costume is the anomaly. Hmmmm.

Anyway, this photo is catching the boys playing one of their favorite bedtime games. They hide together in Cooper's room. They even turn off the lights. Then they wait for Steve or I to pound on the door and make scary noises. Then they scream and giggle. Then we turn the lights off, again, and it starts over again. If we take too long in knocking on the door (trying to build up anticipation) one of them will sneak to the door and knock it for us -- or let us know they are ready. It's so stinking funny.


Glenda said...

What is it about that flow of adrenalin that we love so much???? I can just see Mason getting so excited he can't stand it. I love that they love to be together.

laurel said...

The looks on their faces are SO FUNNY!!! You are good parents to play with them like that. By bedtime I am just like....okay, go to bed, I have had enough.

Claudia said...

And your kids are so stinkin cute!