Friday, October 17, 2008

He's Getting Taller

I've been married nine years. And while I meant to list at least nine reasons why I love my husband (on our anniversary) -- I didn't get around to it until now.

PS -- He's getting taller. He wasn't that tall when we got married, I swear it. I look like a pigmy.

1. He weighs more than me.
2. He is taller than I, though in recent years this is starting to seem excessive.
3. He has a job.
4. He let me have some babies.
5. He doesn't let on how weird he thinks it is that I love sewing. A LOT.
6. He always agrees when I say stupidly girl things like, "Dude I'm getting buff."
7. He will eat Salisbury Steak, made by me.
8. He will probably vote for the same person that I am voting for.
9. He indulges me when I ask him insane things like, "Let's take a picture of ourselves, it is our anniversary after all."


Glenda said...

You are still one of the most beautiful couples ever...congratulations and best wishes for 9 x 9 more!

Anita said...


Claudia said...

You guys are so cute...happy anniversary!

Elle said...

Happy 9 Years! Bill and I have been married 9 years too. By the way, make sure you are getting enough calcium. With all the doctor visits I go to, I frequently get my height checked and I'm shrinking because I'm not getting enough calcium. I pronounced "I'm too young to be shrinking!!!" The nurse gave me a sympathetic look as she said "No. You're not. You're old enough my dear." And you know I cannot afford to be any shorter than I am!

laurel said...

Happy Anniversary. You are a great couple. We always knew you two would work! :)

lynnie said...

Happy Anniversary - WHERE did the past nine years go?

T.Tonn said...

Sooo pretty!

Happy Anni!