Monday, August 25, 2008

The Perch

Mason watches everything, usually from here.

Not only does he watch, but he mimics. Cooper falls down, instantly Mason will lie down on the ground with him. Cooper uses the restroom, Mason lifts up his shirt and tries to pee with his belly button. Cooper cries or moans about some disciplinary injustice, Mason mimics the cry (but it's a fake of a fake and it's absolutely hilarious).
Surprisingly he hasn't used any curse words, yet. But I'm on the look out... for my little look-out... who's looking out for me.


laurel said...

He is so cute.

Adamo said...

I used to do everything Trent did. Some things I'm glad I did (Little League catcher and listening to similar music) others I now find embarrassing (choir and the early 90s "side spike" hair style). That's the fun part about being brothers I suppose.