Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DWD: Sunday in the Park

Every good day at the park consists of a few essential games:
Chase Me, Daddy! Chase Me!

Look at Me Mommy!
Followed by Save Me Mommy!

Sit With me Mommy!

PS -- This is a bit White Trash to admit. But see those orange shorts? They used to be pants that I wore when I was pregnant. I altered them to fit me now and made them into shorts.


Patti said...

White trash?!? NO WAY! You rock. You are so domestic. But let's just say you are a future Project Runway star.

Glenda said...

Coop climbed so far because he had on his super powers shirt and didn't realize he could just fly down.

laurel said...

Julia - I could get over how beautiful you look. I wouldn't look that good for a day at the part. In fact, I never look that nice. That is an amazing climbing thing...I would be scared too and I would need help getting down too.

HoopChicks said...

hey aunt julia I invited you to my blog oh and by the way this Elsa!!!!