Friday, August 8, 2008


I just heard the baby screaming. So I came running. Here's what I found (And what I thought):

1. Mason was standing in the dark, on the top step of the basement staircase, behind a locked door! (I wonder who did that!?!?!)
2. A naked Cooper jumped out from behind a large piece of furniture and said, "I just went poop!" (OH NO! Where?)
3. Tidy trail of underpants, PJ bottoms, PJ top, and a dirty pair of socks -- leading to the bathroom. (Phew, But OH p.u.!)

As I helped Coop clean up, get dressed, and wash his hands he handed me a pink golf ball. Obviously mine! He frankly said, "You need to put this somewhere safe, to keep it away from little hands."

Oh OK. Thanks for the tip.


Glenda said...

You can only hope he warns you of potential dangers in his life in years to come....

laurel said...

That is great! What a sense of humor he has. Of course, if I was the mom, I wouldn't be laughing at that moment. I would be looking for poop, just like you!

bman said...

Some how it reminds me of Julia and Julia turned out OK. I'm waiting for the mud baby game that Julia and Trent played. I never could figure out why Trent had gobbs of mud on him and Julia only tabs of mud on her. I think this story lends insight into the whole thing.