Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Our summer has been steeped in swimming pools and sprinklers. I'm beginning to think that when I ask the boys if they would like to go swimming they actually want to revolt, but are too hot, sticky, and tired to object. Our most recent outing to the pool ended abruptly when our 24-day streak of above 90-degree weather was steamed into remission with a few sprinkles. And thank goodness, because 24 straight days with highs of 90 or better can make for some seriously grouchy kids. (The streak broke a previous record of 18 days in a row set in 1874 and repeated in 1901!)

Decidedly taciturn, Mason spent the better half of our swimming adventure not in the pool, but next to it. He played in a corner of the kid area examining the drain spout. This was fine. Until, of course, we decided to leave and I changed him into clean, dry clothes. Then he promptly walked over to the pool and jumped in. That impromptu dip really made me mad. But it was kinda funny. That is to say, if I had been at the pool watching me (and not being me) I would have laughed hysterically and thought, "That's comical and overwrought with irony."


Elle said...

I just love the fact that Mason really doesn't follow the crowd. He's into his own thing and that's really cool.

Claudia said...

Wow...that's hot. We've had 90+ weather the past few days, and unfortunately, we don't have A/C in our apartment. Thanksfully, it is usually only that warm for a few days in a row...I don't know what we'd do if it was 24 days in a row!

laurel said...

That is funny. I know as a mom I wouldn't have laughed either, but since it is someone else, funny. We are very hot here too. We don't go out until after 8 at night.