Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Water Boys

I just couldn't accept the idea that Mason hates water. So I took the kids to a fountain park today. Pools can be scary, so are lakes, rivers, reservoirs, etc. We opted for spraying water. And it worked.

Mason spent the first 45 minutes on the sidelines. No matter where in the park we wandered, he would find a place to perch and be a spectator. But then he decided to step rather close to the water's edge and accidentally got his feet wet. That's all it took. He ended up kinda liking it and even walked in up to his waist (I know, kinda deep). I'm so happy we got back up on this horse. Now, I'm not saying he's cured. But at least it's a start.

While I was coaxing Mason toward the water's edge, Cooper busied himself making friends and "swimming". He basically squatted down in the water, held his breath, and waddled around. There was no actual swimming. But I remembered, quite suddenly, that when I was pregnant with him we nicknamed him Thorpedo because he would move so much that the ultrasound tech had a hard time capturing pictures of him.

When we prepared to leave I pulled out the dry clothes for the kids. Somehow, in the shuffle I lost Cooper's dry underpants. He was happy to go undewearless, but that means that somewhere in a park far, far away there are a pair of very sporty undies.


Anita and Erik said...

Aaargh! You went to Town Center Park. I was going to suggest going there today :)

Glenda said...

They are so cute and having so much fun....and already I miss them.

laurel said...

So cute! I am sure Coop was happy to go "free" at least most kids are at that age. I wonder who will find the undies?

Glenda said...

As I see the water spew from the mouth, I'm think coliform and ecoli. I think it's good for MDs everywhere.