Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When We're At Grandma's House

I used to feel really bad about my housecleaning capabilities. After a day's worth of cleaning and picking up and folding laundry and working in the yard and sweeping the floor and whatever, my house generally looks really bad. The problem is two-fold:
a) Cooper
b) Mason
If I leave the room to fold a load of laundry I come back to find every toy they have ever owned is upturned out of its rightful place. Take 2 minutes to go to the bathroom by myself and I return to find green crayon on the wall.
Did I mention I used to feel bad about this? I used to think it was because I wasn't good at housekeeping. Now I know it's them. How do I know? Well my perfectly clean, completely anal mother with the perfectly new and clean house had a few messy moments this past week (during our visit). Wasn't me. It was them!

PHOTO NOTE: I don't want 1 book. I want all of them, and then I'm going to stomp on them. Ha!
PHOTO NOTE: Smelly socks outside of the smelly socks and shoe zone (a 2'x3' rug in the mudroom). Also in plain sight from the front door and perfectly placed to be underfoot as people try to walk up or down the stairs.
PHOTO NOTE: 1,968 LEGOs, need I say more?


grandma GiGI said...

Yes, little messes, but you know what? It's Ok! They are well and happy and that's all that really matters.

lynnie said...

Enjoy it while you can! I couldn't focus on the mess? I was too busy looking at your mom's beautiful new home, I love the floors.......How about a tour of your moms home, on the next post???

laurel said...

My house hasn't been clean since MArch 30, 2007. That is the day we got home with Maylin. Would I trade it? NOPE! Kids are worth the mess. Your mom told me once, the messier the kid and house, the better and happier day they had. I live by that and figure, my kids must have very happy days.