Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Games Boys Play, III

For tonight's menu we are serving Spaghetti with Black Lego Guy.

Let me say I personally have a zillion issues with this. First, I'm one of those obsessive, phobic people that can't handle when pet food is served on people plates and/or with people utensils. For some reason this creeps me out. It's also very hard for me to watch children lick their hands when they eat because I know they scratch their nether regions and don't wash their hands very well. Toys in food is now on the heebeejeebee list. I know for a fact that this lego guy has walked on moon sand, been dropped in the toilet, and even found his way into the mouths of various playmates (not the Heffner kind).

This, my friends, is Mason's plate. If it's not a toy in the food, it's food playing the part of toy. He also drops anything he can reach into his water glass. So disgusting.


Glenda said...

I think black leg guy looks good in food. By the way, I am still finding little bitty legos in the carpet and such...amazing how they migrate.

laurel said...

This use to be a pet peeve of mine as well. Four kids later....not so much. I now will even pick up a food item they may have dropped and if the area looks visually clean, I have been known to let them eat it anyway. Yea, I know gross, but it is a survival thing now.