Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Iron Will

As children grow, centimeter by centimeter, we occassionally feel compelled to record moments -- messy or marvelous -- with a few simple notes of endearment. For me this is the net-new list. Other times I like to write down what I love most about the age/stage of my kids. Tonight I can honestly say that the thing I love most about Mason's current stage is he can't actually articulate the nasty-tempered thoughts he must be having!

I'd much rather be writing about a wonderful day at the reservoir, the perfect weather, the thrill of watching my boys fish with their grandpa... But instead I must report that Mason screamed from the moment we put his "boat coat" (life preserver) on until he fell asleep.
His ever stubborn iron will was so set on complaining that he continued to moan and wimper after he feel asleep. In a further act of rebellion he clutched the pen and paper I gave him (thinking the distraction would make him forget about his tantrum) until his chin rested on his chest in slumber. Every once in a while his angry brain impulses would jolt him awake or make his little fingers flutter in unconcious creativity. But through it all he was cranky.
I guess some people are not meant for the water.

While he slept on the boat the rest of us enjoyed warm breezes and fun family time. We pulled up to the dock just as Mas woke up (still crying and whimpering). Once he was off the boat and on the shore he was happy and spent the rest of our time there throwing rocks.
Is this the terrible 2s?


Elle said...

OH god. It must be the terrible two's. I feel like I'm going through just about the same thing with my daughter. Poor us.

laurel said...

He must be like his aunt. I am not much of a boat person. I don't scream, but my insides do. He is so dang cute no matter what he does.