Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two Minutes, Please!

My combat with clutter is if nothing else, a hostile encounter that waivers between chaos and comedy. As I crusade for a clean house -- or at least a floor that doesn't feel like walking on shards of glass for the number of legos -- my boys are waging a competition between them to see who can be the most rambunctious, rough, and rugged... and all the while taking down the house with them.

You know my feelings on using the restroom sans kids. It was on one such occasion that I returned to our family room to find this. Literally it took Coop less than two minutes to upturn every cushion and fashion a "spaceship" out of the remains. He'd actually started to pull the stuffing out of one of them. At which point I came unglued. But that's another post for another day.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to keep the house clean if you eyes aren't on them every second, I've given up on long relaxing showers now I get quick showers but only when hubby is home to keep little one under control. I am lucky that i have older boys that when a need to use the restroom I can sneak away without too much damage happening.

Claudia said...

Exaclty how many pillows do you have on that couch? Adam freaks out about too many pillows, but that picture there looks like nothing I have ever seen before! (Of course I've never seen your couch before, let alone when it is in perfect order, so the fact that I'm looking at a pile on the floor doesn't really mean much...just a lot of pillows)