Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sleep, Creep, Leap

Apparantly landscapers have an old adage -- aside from the "let's always be late, smoke weed on the job, and finish over budget" -- that goes something like...

The first summer after a re-landscaping of your yard the plants will SLEEP, then the following year they will CREEP, and by the third year everything will LEAP.

I'm really too impatient for that. We're in the creep year (if there's any truth to that adage) and I can honestly say everything is creeping. But one thing that is taking me by surprise are the day lilies. Last year they were yellow-ish orange. Every single one of them. This year, half of them came up purple-cranberry colored. Go figure.

PS -- 1 tomato from the south side test garden looks like it's starting to ripen. That means I'll be having a ceremonial eating of the first piece of food I've ever grown. Exciting.

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