Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Do You Do All Day?

I wash my hands about 27 times in a day -- if not more. Why?
Well, it starts with breakfast. I wash my hands before preparing any food for the family. Then, of course I wash up after a scene like this. While yogurt is a favorite of the boys, I nearly loathe when they request it. Then I have to change them, again, and start laundry. After handling all that nasty underwear and dirty clothes I wash my hands, again. Then we head out to the gym. If the word gym does not make you instantly heave in nastiness and other people's sweat germs, you're just plain weird. So, I wash my hands, again. Then there's usually a diaper change or two in there. Of course I wash my hands after changing diapers.

Then lunch, I always wash my hands before, and generally during and after -- as the scene is much the same at lunch as at breakfast. By lunch I've resigned myself to sweeping and spot mopping or just mopping the floor. So, after battling the broom and mop I wash my hands, again. Somewhere in here I've had to help Cooper in the restroom, which results in both of us washing hands. Maybe a trip to the grocery store, which results in washing hands.
Have I mentioned how many times I change diapers in a day?!?!?
Then I switch the laundry, again; so I have to wash my hands, again.
If I'm really on top of things I'll wash my hands and start dinner. Oh wait, think I'll go check on my plants while I'm waiting for the water to boil. Damn, have to wash my hands, again.
More diapers. Following dinner there is the whole, wash the hands and face of both kids ritual. Then after playtime I put them in the bath, which is basically washing your wands. Following bath is helping with P.J.s and toothbrushing. Who doesn't wash their hands before touching someone else's toothbrush?
See, I'm telling you, there is no way to avoid washing your hands a lot. A LOT. And if you don't, well that's your business.


laurel said...

So I don't wash my hands when I touch someone else's tooth brush. Never thought of it. I do wash them a lot tho'. I guess not only are you talented in every way, you are also very clean!

Elle said...

Okay. I don't wash my hands nearly as much as you do and I sometimes let me kids eat food that has fallen to the ground. Am I gross? Is that why my kids are often sick? Huh. I guess so.