Friday, August 15, 2008


Let's see... today we started out cleaning up mess from dinner guests. Then we scooted off to the gym -- which means the boys got to play with neighborhood kids in the playroom. Following a lunch of chicken nuggets and mukamame (shelled edamame) I loaded the boys up for a day at the Museum of Nature and Science. I let them spend at least 4 hours there before enduring the hour of traffic to get home.

Then we did upside-down dinner (eggs and toast, a.k.a. breakfast), a quick game of bouncey-bouncey on mom's excercise ball, followed by both boys turning out every box of every toy they own. And yet, look how bored Coop looks. What have I got to do?!?!??!?

PS -- Because I was curious about what we were doing last year, I looked it up. If you're interested, too, visit You Can Leave Your Boots On.

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laurel said...

Love that face. He is too young to appreciate days that feel boring. I love a good boring day. Don't get them to often. Hey, Maylin loves edamame! And I mean LOVES! Austin likes anything. Sorry, I don't have a good idea for you. He is such an easy going boy that anything works. He just appreciates that you thought of him. Oh, a simple thing.....he loves payday candy bars.